Before becoming a Luxury Home builder, I was a Regional Director for a restaurant chain based in Minnesota where I oversaw 6 restaurants plus the Corporate Training center.
I taught management and business dynamics to 20-25 college grads in a classroom.
I was transferred to Utah as the hub, to start the chain in all states west of the Mississippi River.

After opening 6 units in Utah, I had heard of a private chain selling franchises for $15,000. each.
I called a franchise owner in Boise for a visit. I loved the restaurant, he gave me contact info to call the company president. I got an appointment with Dale Elmer, president and part owner of the Elmer's restaurants. Dale picked me
up at the airport and we spent the day looking at building sights and meeting his father, the founder.
Turns out, we were looking for each other.

Dale explained to me that he had dozens of investors begging for a franchise but none had restaurant experience.
Dale Elmer called a father and son investor to meet us for franchise talks.

The Father and son wanted sole franchise rights for the entire state of Arizona, starting in Scottsdale.
Where I would exclusively own every 4th restaurant. I was to open their first Elmer's restaurant in King City, Oregon... which I did.
This was to familiarize myself with the Elmer's way of doing things. Six months after we opened, they came to me and said, we hate the restaurant business, it's too demanding and don't want to go through with the agreement.
However, because I did everything I said I could,
they offered to financially back me if I wanted to take the restaurant.
 Elmer's had first right to "buy back" and they took it.

So, I decided to be a luxury home builder. It was my next passion. The home below on the left was purchased by an
oral surgeon, the one on the right (next door) I lived in for a year while building the one on left.
I then sold the one I lived in to a Portland Trailblazer.


I was the first person to learn how to stream high definition,
full screen video on the internet.
My first video was for a real estate agent in Scottsdale, AZ.

The following HD video's were the first in the nation.
(The home price was $4,500,000.)
The real estate agent paid me $7,000.00 for the 3 videos below.

Estate Tour:
Estate Grounds:
Guest Cottage:

This next video was a commercial I did for Silverthorn Resort at  Shasta Lake, CA.
I bartered a high definition, full screen internet video for me and 18 family members to go on a "free" week vacation on their
"flagship Houseboat" while filming. (It was $10,000. per week)

Silverthorn Resort at Shasta Lake

I was also the first person to stream video home tours on the MLS.
Of course, I was told by their computer tech, it couldn't be done.
I was also the first to stream real estate tours on "Craig's List". represents most realtors in the nation.
(Home of the "National Association of Realtors") with
over 1.2million members. (at that time) They had 120 companies that offered 360 home tours.
For over 2 years I was the only person that offered high definition,
full screen home video tours on
I also had a 900 page real estate web site that was number one on all search engines, in all search strings for over 4 years.
I had figured out Google and Internet Explorer algorithm's.



Shawnee Smith and I at Lacamas Shores walking trail Camas, Wa.
My stepdaughter, at the time, met Shawnee while in California pursuing
an acting career. Jeff Goldblum was their acting coach is how they met. Shawnee had just come off doing a movie with John Candy.
"Who's Harry Crumb?" My daughter-in-law offered our home for some R&R.
After seeing pictures of our house and LaCamas Lake, she said yes. Shawnee enjoyed roller blading with her dog and driving up the gorge in the Ferrari. I think she vacationed with us about 2-3 weeks.
At that time, I was the second person to live their and the 2nd builder.

 My view was the entire Lake and beyond with not one home to look
at but the red country home across the lake.

I was also the president of the "Architectural Design Committee" for Lacamas Shores.
I also built the "Lacamas Shores Show Home" with pool, for the
owner/developer. At that time, it was the most expensive home
per square foot in Clark County.

Lacamas Shores Show Home Front

Lacamas Shores Show Home Lcamas Shores Show Home with Pool

First home I built and lived in at LaCamas Shores...

First Home at Lacamas Shores

Shawnee Co-staring with Charlie Sheen on "Anger Management"